Flawless Love

I was very angry with my parents as they didn’t buy a cycle for me. I had been asking for that for a long time and they had promised that they would give me as a gift this year. But instead of the cycle, they bought me a ‘Kindle’ for my birthday. I felt as if I was nothing for my parents and they would never fulfill any of my demands.
All my friends were called in the evening to celebrate my birthday. They danced to music, made a lot of noise and had delicious snacks cooked by my mother. However, I was still thinking about the cycle that I didn’t get. When everyone left, mother got busy cleaning the mess and father was helping her to arrange the things. I sat aside just watching them for a few minutes and then went inside my room. Tears rolled down my eyes. How much I’d begged them for that cycle but they didn’t give that to me. I went to the kitchen to have a glass of water. My parents were talking there. I stopped and listened to what they were talking about as the topic of discussion was me.
Mother was saying, “We should have got the cycle last month only. Look, the same cycle that we have chosen to buy for Anurag has raised to almost double the amount. Anurag is very upset. He didn’t even enjoy the party. He was lost.”
Father said, “You are right. But you only tell, how could we presume that the rate of that cycle will raise like that? I know he is infuriated as he thinks we didn’t want to give him that. I’m his father. I too can see how he is feeling right now. I can empathize with him. But my worry was not only the rate but also the dangers that will be there.”
Mother uttered, “Hmm. We can’t deny that as well. Last week only two cyclists have lost their lives on the highway. And we are very sure, if we get him on the cycle he will go for long rides with the cyclist groups as he talks about that most of the time. The problem now is, how to get back the smile on his face.”
Father said worriedly, “Even I’m pissed out thinking about that. He is too sensitive. I read all the poems that he writes and posts. Though I never let him know that as then he would be insecure. All his poems are written with such passion that reveals how sensitive and passionate he is. He is a bright child and I never interfere in whatever he does. I know he is doing his best. Looking at his interest in reading and writing I thought about the Kindle for him. I wish he would love this. Now we should go and talk with him.”
Mother whispered, “What will we say to him now? He wanted this cycle for many reasons. And now he is not in a condition to listen to us. We should give him some time and then will talk about this.”
I was listening to each and every word and wished to run to them and give them a big hug. How stupid I was to behave so absurdly! How much they were worried about me. And I was so selfish that I couldn’t see the love and concern of them for me.
I went to the drawing-room where all the gifts were piled up on the table. The kindle was still wrapped in a handkerchief crafted by my mother especially for my birthday with a blue diary. I unwrapped them and was mesmerized to see the diary. It was the same one that I was holding in my hand on our last visit to the gift gallery. I didn’t tell my parents about that, still, they noticed it and got that for me. They really loved me a lot. I was crying loudly now. My parents ran towards me and I jumped to hug both of them.
Anupam Mishra