Teaching English for the last 15 years preparing students for various school level exams, olympiads, Cambridge exams.

Helping parents to mentor their children for their overall effective development and career decision

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Do you want to LEARN how to be a FLUENT SPEAKER

Professional Training for Various Levels

  • Are you a coach, student, consultant, trainer or business owner and not able to communicate effectively in the public?

  • Are you an emerging entrepreneur who has lot many ideas but you are not able to convey that appropriately?

  • Do you face such difficulties while speaking either in framing sentences or in uttering them?

  • Do you convey what you want in the same way?

  • Are you not able to share all your ideas and emotions because of language constraints?

    If your answer is yes then you should be grateful that you are at the right place.

    English Amigos is here to help you improve your language skills in just five days.

  • If you feel like you are underconfident and not able to express your emotions effectively. If you want to do so many things but fail when it comes to put it in language then you are at the right place.

  • We have well experienced and professionally qualified trainers in English who will get into the root of your problem and help you work to get rid of it.

  • We have concized all our learnings, in a nutshell, in the form of presentations which is delivered online to help people improvise their communication skills.

Note that if anyone else can speak fluently, you too can.

Find out why you are not able to speak fluently.

Understand what is required for your fluency

What changes do you need to bring to your style?

The course will reveal single most powerful system that I has been used for thousands of students whom we have trained in our teaching career of more than a decade. If you really wish to add stars to your personality, this workshop is for you.

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Communication Skills

Be a part of the community to enhance your communication skills

Personality Development

Start loving yourself and respecting yourself for what you are with a proper vision of life

Personal Counselling

One to one proper interaction to help you get rid of any obstacles that’s hindering you to move ahead.

Parenting Counselling

Individual & Group Counselling

For Toddlers up to 5 years

Mid Schoolers 5 yrs to 12 years

Teenagers 12 years to 24 years

Career Counselling

Help & assistance in deciding the best career available based on the potential, merit and interests.

Confidence Building

Strategies to develop confidence and help manage time and energy using individual sessions or workshops.

Strength Building

Get into the community to strengthen your belief system and get constructive feedback from each other.

Stress Relief

Emotional Intelligence

See the changed version of yourself


“I am obliged for the creativity that I could develop at the tender age just because of your help and guidance.”

Shruti Santosh Sail


“I have come across many people in my life while learning various lessons of life but what I learnt from you is one of the most precious among them.”

Siddharth Kachhela


“You have become and inspiration for me. I wish to spend more and more time with you to learn as much as I can.”

Vidya Chouhan

English Teacher, DAV